What Is a Household Powder Made Of?

Household Powder

Under the microscope, we can see how household dust is much more than the skin, food debris, dirt and other elements. Thousands of dust mites, the protagonists of dust and the beneficiaries of dirt in the home, live on our furniture. How can so much dust accumulate? or How did that beach sand get to my mat? are some of the ‘hit’ questions of house cleaning. We have all wondered once what household dust is made of and, above all, how it may never disappear. I have bad news, it will never go away. Now I tell you why …

Household Powder

Although it is true that the composition of the powder changes significantly depending on the environment around you, the weather, the season of the year or even the use you make of the room, there are components that are exactly the same. Remains of skin, mites and their droppings.

Mites and their Stools

It doesn’t sound too good, sorry, but it’s the reality. House dust is made up of the largest measure of dust mites, which belong to the spider family and are approximately 1/100 of an inch in length. Imperceptible to the human eye.

These tiny creatures feed on the other components of household dirt, which also make up dust, such as dead skin cells in the air and on our home furniture. Like any living being, dust mites have droppings, and as I told you earlier, this is also part of house dust. To give you an idea, half a teaspoon of dust can contain up to 1,000 mites and 250,000 of their faeces.

Although you do not have to worry about what you have read, you should take precautions if you have trouble breathing at home or you have respiratory problems such as asthma. Remember that there are many people who are allergic to dust mites and that is, the enzymes that excrete the digestive system of these tiny arachnids can affect your lungs.

How to Reduce Household Dust?

If you want the mite community to not increase in your home, what you should do is do a more thorough cleaning. Also, it is important for you to know that these tiny creatures are lovers of warm and humid areas. Therefore, you should put more emphasis on cleaning surfaces such as mattresses, rugs or even pillows and cushions.

In addition to this, you can help yourself with technology such as cleaning robots or modern vacuum cleaners created for this ‘anti-mite’ task. For example, devices like CleanseBot, a nice pocket robot that disinfects any room.