Bubble – Build a Fully Functional Web App


The drag and drop concept revolutionized computing. Drag and drop. As easy as it sounds. Bubble incorporates this philosophy to create web applications without programming. Today’s web applications have evolved to the point of completely replacing classic desktop applications, which have had to adapt or evolve. Photoshop, for example, joined the trend of a monthly subscription, while Office made the jump to the online version to use from the browser.


The design and creation of web applications have also benefited. Currently, you just need an idea to make it happen. The technical aspect is taken care of by the tool you choose. An example is Bubble, an online app that is part of visual programming, that is, you only have to choose programmed modules to create a web application from scratch. Without writing code.

Whether you need a prototype or functional web applications, Bubble allows you to launch your personal or professional project depending on your needs and your pocket.

Visual Programming, Remove And Put

We have seen several projects like Bubble in the past. Its purpose is to help create web applications from scratch using the usual elements. But instead of programming those elements by hand, simply drag and drop the element onto the work canvas, and then set it up as you like, like a Word document or Photoshop image.

An explanatory text, an image, a video, an interactive button, a link, an HTML code, a map … Everything you need to include in your application is predesigned in the Bubble editor so you don’t have to do it yourself. And all this complying with HTML and CSS standards so that it is visible in any modern browser.

Bubble’s facilities reach the point of facilitating tasks such as registering on your website. You can easily decide the steps to follow, what the user will see during the process and how it will end. In short, your web application will be fully functional and interactive.

On the other hand, in addition to the technical component, you can customize the appearance and design with the available styles. And to not start from scratch, you will have help templates to create web applications similar to those that already exist in the market. The selection is very varied and will help you have your own applications in a matter of minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.

To Try or Go Further

I said at the beginning of this article that Bubble adapts to your objectives and pocket. In this sense, you can use it to mess around and to prototype ideas that you want to carry out with a larger team of designers and programmers.

Or if you do not have that luck or resources, you can also develop the application to the end, provide it with interactivity and start it if you wish. For this, the available plans adapt to your needs, starting from the free basic plan to the obviously more complete payment plans.

Tools like Bubble are used to sew a seam, put a face and eyes on a project or even to familiarize yourself with interfaces, programming and standards. All this from your web browser with the comfort of an editor like the one you have been using in any day-to-day tool to work with documents, presentations or audiovisual content.