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March For Honour®

Welcome to the March For Honour® community.

This is a temporary holding page whilst the old website which was originally designed in 2013 is being replaced with a new and more dynamic website.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your patience and hope that you will interact with the cause via the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube social media accounts. 

www.YouTube. com/marchforhonour 



Ram Patten
Founder & Director
March For Honour®

The March For Honour® cause is dedicated to the memory of all our brothers and sisters in arms who selflessly gave their lives in courageous honour and in the interest of preserving the lives of their fellow brothers and sisters in arms who live to remember their acts of heroism and selfless sacrifice.

The March For Honour® cause also pays tribute to their loved ones who suffer their loss, notwithstanding to the thousands of physically and mentally injured servicemen and women who’s scars, anguish and personal battles still continue.

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